The Knightmare begins again as YouTube launches its own Geek Week


Stuart Ashen has done what millions of us of a certain age could only dream of doing. He has put on the Helmet of Justice. If that means absolutely nothing to you, then you obviously aren’t a fan of Knightmare, the late ‘80s/early ‘90s children’s TV show which captured the imagination of a generation.

In the show, a team of kids about to be bludgeoned by the full onglaught of puberty’s evils had to guide one of their crew through a fantasy realm of dodgy special effects and equally dodgy overacting. And it was brilliant. The catch, of course, was that the team member performing the quest was unable to see where they were going, laden down as they were with a huge double-horned helmet with no eye holes. Kids were a lot tougher back then.

This helmet was bestowed upon the head of Ashen just last week. Ashen, or ‘Ashens’ as…

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