Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse: Hardware Review

Gamer Thumb

The Razer Ouroboros is a high-perfomance, ambidextrous gaming mouse with the unfortunate setbacks of ugly design, poor ergonomics, and a whopping price tag.

Carrying an expensive AUD$130 price tag, the mouse features customisable side plates, adjustable back height and body length, and a choice between wired and wireless modes.

Its biggest market is arguably left-handers. Aside from kidney-shaped mice, on paper there is nary a mouse that comes close to offering lefties what the Ouroborous promises.

It sports a twin-optical array to ensure optimal precision and performance, and we must admit that we haven’t used a mouse that glides so smoothly across a surface with such precision thanks to the HUGE glide pads beneath it.

Speed freaks will be pleased to know that you can add or subtract wing-like side panels that keep your thumb and/or little finger from creating any unnecessary resistance on your gaming mat.

The mouse wheel…

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