BioShock Infinite DLC returns to Rapture, Clash In The Clouds out today


A brand new two-part story expansion will be released for BioShock Infinite later in the year, following the Horde style challenge pack out this week.

Releasing Clash In The Clouds without any prior warning is a bit of shock, but it seems to be a much more straightforward download than the other story-based expansion planned for later in the year.

We should have a review ready for tomorrow but Clash In The Clouds is a wave-based, Horde style arena mode with a few fun Easter eggs but no real story content. It includes four new maps, all based on locations from the original game, and is priced at just £3.69. (At time of writing the download isn’t live yet, but developer Irrational Games is promising it for today.)

Clash In The Clouds seems to be just a stop gap to ensure people don’t sell on their copy of the original…

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