So… what does everybody think about this

Yes the Xbox One looks brilliant, fantastic. But would you buy one?
Microsoft’s Xbox One was announced at a Microsoft event on May 21, 2013. The Xbox One is the third in the Xbox line of consoles.
Kinect is now a required feature of the Xbox One. The Xbox One features live TV integration. Users can use voice commands to switch between games, movies and live TV on-the-fly using Kinect. But, me being me, I’m fairly paranoid about a camera being on me constantly.
The Xbox One is a fantastic Games Console
Games will work on the Xbox One as they do on the Xbox 360 and are no longer region-locked, which is fantastic because could you imagine paying £100 for a new game? Nah. I’ve got too many fantastic games and downloadable content on my Xbox to give them all away and leave them unused.
I am a frequent Xbox user, and Play Station user, but through having the latest Xbox 360 model, I don’t personally think I need to splash out on £499.99 for a games console.
‘As of June 19, 2013, the Xbox One no longer requires an Always Online Connection, but it does require an internet connection when initially setting up the console’ YAAAAAAY, could you imagine having to be connected to the internet ALL THE TIME (but to be fair, I am mostly on Gold, but anyway) I do like to have my private time. Haha.


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