My position

I am a business/administration apprentice. However, within being with Alltek Solutions for a matter of days I have been doing tasks that interest me so much and tasks that keep me on edge and do not bore me for a considerable amount of time. No, I don’t just answer the phone and file things away (which you would automatically assume that I do considering the name of the position). I am using programs that I am comfortable with, programs that I know how to use but at the same time I am experiencing a challenging yet not stressful working environment. I work every working week day at Alltek Solutions and then every weekend (all weekend) at a Coffee Shop in the Telford Town Centre, which is a lot of work. Before I started working at Alltek Solutions I was really, frightfully worried about the stress that I would have to carry. It’s not a problem. The people I work with are fantastic, the environment is fantastic, and my work space is fantastic, the work banter, the work load, the hours… everything that I have taken on makes me life a lot easier than it was before.


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