Alltek Solutions – stage one

My journey will Alltek began through the extremely beneficial college TCAT, of whom phoned me up to talk about a particular position at a small business in Shifnal, Shropshire. When my mentor spoke about this apprenticeship I was very enthusiastic and keen to secure a place with them. I received news that Alltek were happy to interview me (I was ecstatic), so I prepared myself accordingly for the interview. I was so nervous about the interview at first, because I had never heard of the company nor the owners/directors although I did my research and looked at their very impressive website and decided before I had even had the interview that this would be the right place for me. I arrived at the interview and I was greeted by Lisa Farmer (owner/director), and then was further introduced to Stuart Farmer (owner/director) and their IT support technician Howard Hughes; before I even had a chance to walk through the door I was asked if I would like a drink and I was made to feel really at home (which was very surprising considering that we were to be the first apprentices for their company). I have always believed that you will work best with your colleagues if you have something truly in common, they know their stuff and they are not a task to talk to; this was not in the slightest shape or form the context of the situation. I automatically warmed to Lisa, Stuart and Howard as soon as we began the interview because they not only spoke about the job role, money, hours and requirements, but we were talking about fantastic music and films (of which I have a great interest in). I felt so welcome and at home with these people, because they really made the effort to get to know me and what interested me. I believe that this is the greatest impression you can possibly make on a young apprentice. Everything ticked all the boxes. I was happy with everything. The second TCAT phoned me back to state the fact that I had been offered the job I was over the moon with delight. I have never regretted my decision. 


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