About me, who am I?

I am a seventeen (almost eighteen may I add) year old apprentice at Alltek Solutions Ltd and what I love to do is to create lots of different things that not only make myself happy with the work that I have produced but they completely aesthetically please and satisfy my employers. During my time before I landed this exciting opportunity, I was not enjoying my time at Sixth Form because I thought it was rather bleak, but that was a very dark time… Even before that, at GCSE level, I was showing a very keen and appropriate interest in Art and Design, thanks to my creativity (and OCD) I managed to gain 4 GCSEs in BTEC Art and Design at an A* Distinction level and this began not only my creativity but my love and passion of applying my interests into everyday life. For example, ever since I was a little kid I have loved my games consoles and PC gaming. I relish the opportunity to play Star Wars: Battlefront II, Fable 3 or Sims. I love it. And therefore I began adapting my art into my passion for gaming (and computers). When I left secondary school and began my young adult life as a college/sixth form student I assembled my new and potent passion for media and marketing. However, considering that I did not enjoy my time at Sixth Form I decided to take a different approach, but with something that I could enjoy and get the best out of, and therefore I began searching for apprenticeships in Shropshire and the West Midlands. I used to work three jobs, at ridiculous hours, for ridiculous pay and frequently breaking down because of stress was inevitable. So as you can imagine, I was ever so slightly sceptical about accepting an apprenticeship what so ever, because I was so worried about my health, however…


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