Usain Bolt immortalised as Temple Run 2 character

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SELF-CONFESSED Temple Run 2 addict, and World’s Fastest Man, Usain Bolt, has been immortalised as a character in Imangi’s popular endless runner.

Bolt – famous for his consecutive 100m sprint victories at the 2008 Beijing and 2012 London Olympic Games – can be purchased in Temple Run 2 donning his Jamaican national strip and striking his lightning bolt pose.

“I am a big fan of Temple Run,” Bolt said.

“I travel all over the world and travel time gives me lots of opportunity to play Temple Run at airports or on car journeys. It’s exciting to see myself represented within a game I already play.”

According to a post on Bolt’s website today, the character is “gifted with special and unique abilities, allowing him to boost ahead at a record-breaking pace while activating the coin magnet at the same time.

Bolt’s character will certainly need all the superpowers he can…

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DVD releases: Side Effects, The Paperboy and Welcome To The Punch


All-star cast in Side Effects, sexual tensions in The Paperboy and evocative cinematography in Welcome To The Punch.

Side Effects (15)
DVD, Blu-ray, VoD

4 star rating

This type of twisty, complex, glamorously entertaining thriller is typically described as ‘Hitchcockian’. But it’s Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby that’s most notably referenced in the eerie opening shot of this last (but one) cracker by supposedly retiring director Steven Soderbergh: a hint – or is it a red herring? – about the disturbing tale ahead.

For nothing is as it seems in this story that starts as a zeitgeist comment on the yuppie prescription drug culture before teetering into gloriously lurid melodrama. Channing Tatum is a once-golden investment banker released from jail after serving five years for insider trading. His fragile wife, Emily (Rooney Mara, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) is prescribed an experimental course of antidepressants by her dashing new psychiatrist (Jude Law), which…

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The Knightmare begins again as YouTube launches its own Geek Week


Stuart Ashen has done what millions of us of a certain age could only dream of doing. He has put on the Helmet of Justice. If that means absolutely nothing to you, then you obviously aren’t a fan of Knightmare, the late ‘80s/early ‘90s children’s TV show which captured the imagination of a generation.

In the show, a team of kids about to be bludgeoned by the full onglaught of puberty’s evils had to guide one of their crew through a fantasy realm of dodgy special effects and equally dodgy overacting. And it was brilliant. The catch, of course, was that the team member performing the quest was unable to see where they were going, laden down as they were with a huge double-horned helmet with no eye holes. Kids were a lot tougher back then.

This helmet was bestowed upon the head of Ashen just last week. Ashen, or ‘Ashens’ as…

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Iron Maiden to show their mettle at O2 Arena



The test of a rock band’s true mettle is live prowess, and some outfits really are built to go the distance. Iron Maiden have obviously come a long way (via various line-ups) since their mid-1970s roots as east London pub metallers.

They’re still releasing epic records (15th studio album The Final Frontier came out in 2010) but ultimately they’ve evolved into a formidable touring machine.

The Maiden live experience has been variously documented (including 2009 tour film Flight 666) but the real thing prevails – and these blisteringly noisy veterans always seize the spotlight; their 2013 Download festival headline set opened with a Spitfire flyover.

Maiden might not be able to sneak an actual plane into the O2 Arena for this weekend’s London dates but there will be pyrotechnic bombast and a multigenerational feel.

These shows conclude the European branch of their extensive Maiden England tour; a reboot of the golden…

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Razer Ouroboros Gaming Mouse: Hardware Review

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The Razer Ouroboros is a high-perfomance, ambidextrous gaming mouse with the unfortunate setbacks of ugly design, poor ergonomics, and a whopping price tag.

Carrying an expensive AUD$130 price tag, the mouse features customisable side plates, adjustable back height and body length, and a choice between wired and wireless modes.

Its biggest market is arguably left-handers. Aside from kidney-shaped mice, on paper there is nary a mouse that comes close to offering lefties what the Ouroborous promises.

It sports a twin-optical array to ensure optimal precision and performance, and we must admit that we haven’t used a mouse that glides so smoothly across a surface with such precision thanks to the HUGE glide pads beneath it.

Speed freaks will be pleased to know that you can add or subtract wing-like side panels that keep your thumb and/or little finger from creating any unnecessary resistance on your gaming mat.

The mouse wheel…

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Internet Marketing For Small Businesses [Video]


Internet Marketing For Small Businesses

Internet Marketing : Is Your Business Using It?

Watch the following video to learn more about internet marketing for small business and discover why you need it.

Is your business struggling to get new customers?

If old methods of marketing are not working for you, you need Internet Marketing.

85% of people find businesses by searching online with their favourite search engine.

Your potential customers are searching for products or services that you provide every single month. BUT they can’t find you!

What is Internet Marketing

Are the following are part of internet marketing and can help small businesses like yours.

Video Marketing

YouTube now has over 3 Billion views every single day! Click the following to learn more about video & YouTube marketing.

Social Media Marketing

If Facebook was a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world! Click the following to learn more about…

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4 Reasons That Small Business Owners Should Overcome Their Fear and Embrace Facebook

Very true; completely agree!

San Diego Referral Network aka SDREFNET

Facebook has become an indispensable tool for large brands, but many small businesses are still sitting on the sidelines. Many — if not most — small businesses have Facebook Pages, but one recent study found that 70% of such pages are inactive, meaning they haven’t been updated in the last month. As Facebook continues to gain users at the astonishing clip of 250,000 per day, this inactivity is an increasingly important missed opportunity.

Local businesses fear Facebook for a number of reasons, from concerns about losing control of their brand and their customers, to the simple fear of wasting time. To calm those fears, consider the following.

Written By Jay Gierak

To read the full article, click here.

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